Friday, January 19, 2007

Little Miss Sierra Mae

Today it was decided that Sierra needed her beauty sleep. She got tired out yesterday from a lot of stimulation in learning how to eat. Today she was kept quiet and calm and slept most of the day. She continues to do well with everything but showing interest in learning how to suck. She did get her IV taken out this morning as all of her labs came back clear. And I finally was able to dress her in a "LITTLE" pink : ) She is still being fed through her tube and weighs 5 lbs. 5 oz. which means she is at least maintaining her weight pretty well. I will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow and it is going to be super hard for James and I to leave her here and head for home so say a little prayer for us. She will be able to come home with her family as soon as she can suck all of her own meal for 2 full days in a row. We are hoping that happens soon.


Bethany said...

Kel and James,
We're praying hard for Sierra! She'll start eating great soon, I'm sure! We're also praying for you guys as I'm sure today will be tough for you both!
Love, Bethany