Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good News

Sierra is off oxygen and has been moved out of the isolet and into the regular nursery. She is still receiving extra care and monitoring because she is still breathing to fast at times and needs to learn to regulate her body and how to eat. She had a feeding tube put in yesterday but is also starting to suck and is getting food in various ways at the moment. We are going to work on that today. Still no word when she might come home BUT she is doing well. On another note, James is having surgery on his finger today at noon. We aren't sure what to expect as an outcome.......he will have some pins to hold the bones in place and we will see what else. AND Simon is having fun hanging out and Grandpa and Grandma DeVries' house.


rvscutie said...

They are both so adorable! I hope Sierra continues to do well!