Monday, January 22, 2007

Quick Update

Sierra is still doing well overall. Her % of oxygen in her blood is being watched carefully for the past two days. They think she may have reflux which is quite normal in preemies, but it is messing up her whole system. When the acid comes up her throat she reacts quite strongly and doesn't know how to regulate her system. They should be deciding tomorrow if this is the problem and then giving her some Zantac which should help. She also is now down to 5 pounds. They are mixing in some formula to get extra calories into my breastmilk for her now. She is downing about 55 cc each feeding and is taking to the bottle OK. She tries the bottle a couple of times a day and then gets the tube feeding the rest of the time so she can rest up. The doctors don't want her bugged everytime she eats because that tires her out too much. The doctors and nurses say that neither of these things is a huge issue.........she still just needs to rest, grow and learn how to eat. James and I are semi-moved in with my parents for the week. It will be much easier to have a 10 minute drive to the hospital instead of a 40 minute drive. Also Sim will be able to be taken care of when needed, and we can spend more time with him instead of time driving around. AND at the moment Sim is also sick. The night I was discharged from the hospital Simon woke up at 10:30 covered in puke (nice huh?). He hasn't been himself since and is kind of lazing around. We are praying he feels better soon. It must be hard on him not understanding where his parents are all the time, especially when he isn't feeling well. So that is where we are at right now; kind of just waiting to move on to the next step and get all of us home again :)


Anonymous said...

What a precious lamb!! We love you guys.
Mom and Bruce

rvscutie said...

Poor Simon! Josh had this a month ago and all he wanted was to sit on his mommies lap...poor Simon!!