Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Well, now we all have it. My dad, then Simon for his second round, me, my mom, 2 aunts, 2 cousins and my brother all have the flu. I didn't get to go in and see Sierra today because we don't want to pass any of the germs to her. I called in checking up on her many times and she had a huge accomplishment today. At her 9:00am and 6:00pm she took her entire feeding through the bottle which she had never done before, so that was great news. The not so great news, she had to get her feeding tube removed and replaced (I guess they have to do this once a week) and she has a bit of a diaper rash so they ordered some Magic Butt Cream for her.


Bethany said...

Hanks loves Magic Butt Cream! It's the best! P.S. You need to change your signature to say "Sierra" instead of Baby G #2! :)