Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We have been busy...

And I don't have many pics to post yet but..... Two Thursdays ago we spent a couple of days at the Grooters' cottage in Whitehall. We spent most of our time in DUCK LAKE but also went to an AWESOME petting farm. THEN we moved on to picking my sister who was in from NY at the airport late Saturday afternoon. She then stayed with us that night and we went out for my mom's birthday on Sunday. James worked for my dad some more on Monday and Tuesday, while I was busy sewing. The kids hung out some more with Aunt EB. (or BB as they call her). On Wednesday my mom, sister and I headed to Chicago for the day to see WICKED. I loved it again for the second time and we all had a good time....we also visited the American Girl Doll store and some little girl in my life may have gotten a Christmas present [BUT SHHHHHH, it's a secret : )] On Thursday and Friday we went to the DeVries cottage in North Muskgon, had great weather and spent the days outside relaxing. Saturday was a huge day for PETUNIAS at Art in the Park in Holland. The show went GREAT. I sold out of many things super early and now have my work cut out for me to restock my inventory : ) THEN on Sunday we headed up to the Platt River with James' dad and Marianne through today. We had fun. The kids got super DIRTY but had lots of fun playing around the campsite and the beautiful beaches. Now we are home for tomorrow and then James and Sierra leave for Colorado for 8 nights! Holy cow, out summer had flown by.


Bethany said... guys have been busy, busy! Sounds like tons of fun though! Just James and Sierra are going to Colorado?

Sarah said...

Hey Kelly, trying to get a hold of you, in need of BIBS!!! I should have stocked up more at art in the park...anyway don't have your number or email and Beth is out of town so she can not hook me up... maybe you'll check this. my number is 901-1865 : ) Thanks, Sarah Z.