Monday, August 25, 2008

Savings Angel

James and I decided to sign up for to see if that would help with our grocery bills. It costs $20 a month but if you sign up for 1 month you get 1 month free right now so we decided to try it. If any of you out there want to try it as well sign up HERE and enter our referral code of 14936, because we get credit for referring you : ) We will let you know how well it works in the future for us. So far it really does look like there will be some extra savings on things we would buy anyway.....


Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your site by doing a search on Savings Angel. (Someone mentioned it, and I wanted to check it out and see what it was all about.) I thought that I would let you know that there are free sites out there that put together the deals at stores, etc. for you. If you are trying to save money, etc. they are worth looking into. You can do a search on coupon shopping, grocery deals, etc.

One place that I can definitely recommend is They list the deals at all the major stores (grocery, drug & retail) and also have people who do coupon match-ups, etc. All for free. No spam, etc. just a site where people share the deals with each other.

I am not affiliated with them in any way, nor am I getting paid to post this. Just thought that I would give you an alternative to spending $20 a month.

Have a great day.

vanoosterhout said...

Hello, I wanted to let you know about another option. Take a look at this free option and let me know what you think:

Like Savings Angel, we are West Michigan based. I do not consider ourselves a Savings Angel competitor. In fact, at $0 cost it may be a perfect compliment to Savings Angel ... or could work as a stand alone for people who either can not afford or choose not to spend the $20 per month on a Savings Angel subscription.

Just another option that I hope will help people in this tough economy.