Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wool Longies

Here are my first two attempts at wool longies. I think they turned out pretty cute...but we will see how they really work. I have to lanolize them before they will work as diaper covers. Hope your not sick of cloth diapering info. 'cause here is some more. The wool, when lanolin is added back to it, can hold up to about 30% of it's weight in liquid before it will feel wet. So a lot of people use wool covers over their cloth diapers. Also the Lanolin mixes with urine and forms a soap (don't ask me how) so they can be reused and reused up to about a month when they need to washed gently! You just have to use a few pairs and let the used ones dry for a day or two before you use them in rotation again : )


Terri H said...

Those are very interesting. Thanks for the lanolin tip.

Have fun!

Deb said...

Cool! I need a pair.......for me that is.

Bethany said...