Monday, March 17, 2008

Nap Transition

So both kids are going through weird sleep changes right now. Sierra doesn't care for her morning nap right she just cries when I try to put her down. Sometime she still needs the sleep though I think 'cause otherwise she is a crab apple. AND Simon doesn't want to take a nap at all anymore. I was not prepared for him giving up naps. I thought he would go a little longer yet at least. He went from taking 3 hour afternoon naps to NOTHING! He does go to bed better at night now, but he is still in that weird stage in between too where he gets tired now around 5:00 or so and then crabby because he didn't get a nap but he plays and is in a great mood up until that point. hmmmmmmmmm.


rachelvs said...

Sounds like Simon does still need his nap! I went through that with Sam at that age- he just needed me to lay with him for a second so that he calmed down and once he calmed his little body down he fell right to sleep!