Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What Simon and Sierra are up too....

Here is what they have been into in less than a week: last wednesday I was downstairs with them and I heard them inthe bathroompretending to ice skate...I thought they were just using the tile floor which is slippery to pretend until I heard the toilet start flushing...I ran in there and they had about 5 big cardboard blocks stuffed in the toilet and they had toilet water splattered EVERYWHERE and were trying to flush them down. Then the next day I left them playing downstairs while I brought Alison up stairs for a nap which literally takes about 2 minutes. When I came back down it looked like it had snowed 2 feet in our basement. There was a small hole in one of our large pillows on the couch and they pulled all the stuffing out and flung it everywhere. Yesterday I sent them downstairs to play while I finished feeding Alison lunch (you think I would know better by now) and I heard them dumping out some of the baskets and drawers of toys which is pretty normal so I didn't think much about it...until I heard that they had dumped about 5 drawes and baskets worth of toys out (millions of little pieces) and I thought I better go chech it out. They had dumped ALL their toys downstairs into the couch CRACKS, they told me it was a swimming pool they were swimming in....it took us about an hour and a half of tearing the couch apart and digging in all the crack to finally get the toys picked up. THEN TODAY I was already sick of it and while I was in the shower Simon must have woken up and went downstairs where last night James had piled out nicely sorted, folded clean laundry. He decided to make a POND and threw all of the clean clothes all around our LIVING ROOM! Needless to say I dropped them off very early at my mom's today and promptly LEFT!