Thursday, November 26, 2009


We spent Thanksgiving this year with James' mom. It was wonderful and we all had a great day. The sweetest part was what I'm sure will become a classic story about Sierra in our family. James' mom had the kids help her put up some Christmas decorations around the house. They worked the longest on setting up a manger scene. They talked about each piece they put out and got a great picture of Jesus' birth : ) In the end Sierra wanted to check out baby Jesus a little closer. James' mom got him down and let Sierra check him all out. She treated him just like all of her baby dolls at home. She spent a lot of time wrapping him up in his swaddling cloths and getting them all just right. And when she was about to put him tucked nicely away in the manger when she looked up at us and said "Mommy, where is Baby Jesus' FLUFFY?" LOVE IT! We then obviously had to find a little something for him to use as a fluffy. She was then satisfied that baby Jesus was all comfy and cozy and able to put him back in the manger scene : )


L. Walcott said...

Adorable. Love it!
Yes, you will tell that one over and over :)