Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Good reports

This morning at 10am James and I met Alison's doctors on their rounds. They went over a bunch of her medical info. with us. At that point they said it was pretty much a miracle that her breathing issue took care of itself. Overnight she went to completely normal for her respiration rate. The next challenge was she had not pooped yet : ) BUT is all set now : ) AND finally the biggest issue was going to be feeding as she was getting very tired at the end of her bottles and only putting down about a third of what they want her to be at. So we were told she would have a feeding tube put in today to help with the feeding. BUT, super great news, as of right now there is no feeding tube. They are increasing her feeding amount each time and she continues to be WAY better than expected and sucks them right down. I fed her for the first time tonight at 9pm and she did AWESOME. She woke up hungry and sucked it all right down + a little breastmilk from me!!! WOOHOO!


Bethany said...

Awesome news, Kel and James! We're so happy for her improvements!