Friday, May 08, 2009

Baby Names...

My friend, Bethany, was talking about her kid's names and where they ranked in popularity and why they chose those name. It made me curious to see where my kid's names ranked in popularity for the year they were born: Simon was #253 in 2005 (not named after anyone, but the only boy name James and I could agree on. James, his middle name, is obviously after his father) Sierra was #168 in 2007 (we chose this girl name on the way to SIMON'S ultrasound appointment, yes Simon's! And her middle name, Mae, is after my maternal grandmother) Baby #3 (just to tease you) is in the #200 range as well : )...........well, we talked about this name off and on and chose it shortly after we knew we were pregnant a third time. Her middle name, which will be Jeanne, is after James' paternal granmother) My name, Kelly, was #16 in the year I was born : ) And James, was #5 in the year he was born!!


Bethany said...

Okay...that means I have to guess within the 200 range. Some guesses I have are:

Did I guess it? Did I????