Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break Catch-up...

We had a WONDERFUL spring break as a family. We started off by spending the first weekedn with James' dad and Marianne in Whitehall. We then took the kids to the Holland Aquatic Center again and they were even more brave this time. They are really getting comfortable in water and we are looking forward to this summer. We also took them to Crazy Bounce. The kids went before with my sister and brother but it was the first time for James and I. The blow-up slides are huge and the obstacle courses fun (or so I hear). James was a trooper and took the kids through everything countless times for 2 hours. I did manage 2 slides but thought at 7 months pregnant maybe they weren't the BEST idea : )
Then we spent the end of the week with my family (and a few more Tammingas) up in Traverse City. The weather was nice enough to play outdoors, we went swimming, and had a good time.
THE last Sunday (Easter Sunday) the kids were WHIPPED! They both fell asleep around 5:30 at night and slept forever. Simon slept for 15 HOURS that night : ) Now we are back to our normal routine and LOVING the warm weather.