Tuesday, February 03, 2009


we are sharing the new baby's middle name. She will have the middle name of "Jeanne" after James' Grandma Grooters! We went and told her (actually she is the only one besides James and I who knows the entire name now) and she was very excited. She is VERY deaf at 94 years old (I think) so we have to shout everything at her. She finally understood we were naming the baby after her and then wrote us this note!


Bethany said...

LOVE the older names! Of course...Mathilda and Jeanne are great middle names for our princesses!

Ryan Hale said...

She is awesome!

Matthew's daughter Charlotte also has the middle name Jeanne.

This page is great and it was fun to find when I googled grandma. Who would have thought she would have such a presence on the net. With her pics here and all of her editorials in the GR Press.