Friday, November 14, 2008


Wow, my little boy turned three years old today! Simon was loving having a birthday. Tons of people called to wish him a Happy Birthday and we took him to the mall and out for dinner which has become the tradition for birthday's at our house. Yesterday, Grandma and Grandpa DeVries took him to the mall where he got to make a monket at build-a-bear and ride the Bob the builder toy by the food court....oh and his favorite, they let him stoll through the Disney store and he picked out a set of Cars cars that he talked G & G right into buying for him : ) He was sooo thrilled when he got hom. AND tomorrow we have a birthday party for him at our house with all of the family! He is one SPECIAL little guy!


Bethany said...

Happy Birthday, SIMON!

Anonymous said...

Hey Simers!
Great to hear that you like to poop. Survey's say that we spend about 2 years of our life time on the toilet. That's a lot of fun for those like you who really enjoy it.

Glad to hear you like the helicopter too. Lake picked it our special for you.

Say, I noticed some time ago that you have loud music on your web site's REALLY LOUD. ANY CHANCE YOU COULD TURN THAT FEATURE OFF??? We always check the site at night and it always catches us off gaurd. the blog and love you guys.