Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Little Sisters...

Simon got his first REAL taste of what having a little sister is all about yesterday. He was spinning a knob on one of the drawers in our kitchen yesterday and I told him to stop doing it. In normal fashion he also decided he would make sure his little sister wouldn't do it either. So he held his hand over the knob so she couldn't get to it. Sierra freaked out and with both hands grabbed two wads of Simon's hair and pulled for all she was worth. AND she wouldn't let go. Simon was bawling his eyes out (I think half because it probably hurt and half because he was so shocked). Being the good mom that I am, I had to stop laughing before I could get her hands out of his hair and make her apologize to Simon. SIMON WELCOME TO YOUR LITTLE SISTER!


Jessica Brown said...


AND i'm flattered that i made the list on the side of your blog!