Thursday, December 13, 2007

I wanted to do an update on what my kids are up to lately. Simon is doing great with words. He repeats everything we say and is starting to put words together in short phrases. My favorite word he says though (I have to giggle every time) is F-R-U-C-K (without the "R" ha ha ha) is yelled whenever he sees one of his trucks or one goes by that he hears on the street. So obsenities are yelled frequently at out house...and it isn't me! He has really gotten into his new birthday movie of Veggie Tales as well. We all have the songs memorized around here. Sierra is also getting more and more brave and crawling everywhere and into any room she wants. She is also starting to get into all our drawers in the kitchen and especially loves to pull out the tupperware and phone book. She is crawling all the way upstairs, QUICKLY. I was feeding Simon breakfast the other day and the next thing I new I had to hunt her down. She was all the way upstairs playing in her bedroom by herself. She also took her first step this week. She has pretty good balance when standing by herself and she is working really hard to get the hang of walking. She is an old pro when hanging onto our hands but is starting to venture trys on her own!