Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I'm going to update our blog. We still don't have internet hook-up (maybe someday soon). Anyway, we are pretty settled into the new house. We have a few boxes here and there to go through yet but overall it went way quicker and easier than I thought it would. We are onto the fun stuff of picking out decor : ) In other new of the kids Sierra: Sat up at around 7 months (good balance), got her first tooth (which her Grandpa DeVries found) on September 7 and her second bottom one shortly after. She also has been crawling since the beginning of September and once she learned that she immediately learned how to pull herself up onto things and then stand by things. She also tries to crawl up stairs (oh my). She is too little for all that yet : ) Simon: He is really picking up on talking since this summer we have been working hard at it. He tries to repeat everything you say and has a million animal sounds down pat which is his favorite (lion, donkey, bird, sheep, cow, duck, frog, owl, dog, cat.....) and he knows what a train says and his age (two, I taught him a little early). He also moved into a "big boy" bed shortly after we moved to the new house. The transition went fine although it took a few weeks. Now he can't sleep anywhere else, and his sister finally has a crib : ) James is in school again and it is going to be a good but busy year for him. I am REALLY BUSY with Petunias, plus all the regular day to day stuff.