Monday, May 14, 2007


+ Sunday: we celebrated Mother's Day with Mom DeVries + Saturday we went to visit Great-Grandma Grooters. We also went to watch Grandpa Oosterhouse's baseball team, and celebrated Mother's Day with Mom Oosterhouse. +Friday, I wanted to take the kiddies downtown Holland for Tulip Time. I thought I might be able to get some cute pics of them by the tulips. What was I thinking. Simon was in no way going to sit still and smile for the camera with so many things going on around him. Oh well, these are the pics we got that day : )

+ Tuesday: Simon sprayed himself with Oust Air Sanitizing spray in the eye, fell out of his booster seat after eating lunch and went swimming in his pajamas later that night. WHAT a day : )
+Monday was a beautiful day. Simon got to swim in his new alligator pool for the first time this year and LOVED it.


Auntie-man said...

I love the picture of James and little James growling at each other!