Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Baby G #2

We had a Dr. appt. for baby #2 yesterday. Everything seems to be going along fine. It was fun to see the doctor and his nurse again. Quite a few things were brought up at the appt. It was decided it would be in me and the baby's best interests to have another c-section. Because Simon was in the wrong position and too big to fit out and this is something that has a high likelyhood of being repeated, and also since I got pregnant only 6 months after having the c-section with Simon there is a much higher chance that my uterus could rupture during labor. SO...we will have a c-section with #2. Also my doctor in on vacation the first two weeks of February so IF we stick with the Feb. 15 date we may actually have the baby at the very end of January before he leaves so we can have him do the surgery. AND we scheduled the big ULTRASOUND on September 21. AND decided we are going to try and find out the sex : )


rvscutie said...

all so exciting!

Bethany said...

Maybe a little girl on your birthday??